Friday, January 29, 2010

Lee surrounded by lots of UG!

Well here is the ugliest card I think I have ever made in my long career of three months! lol When I got this adorable Bildy stamp I couldn't wait to use her. Little did I know that I would surround her in so much ugly! I guess we all have at least one that doesn't turn out nearly as cute as we first planned. Actually, none of mine do but this one surpasses not coming close!!! At first I was not going to even post her but then decided if this is a blog to keep track of my card making, then little Miss "Lee" needs to be here too.

I am even entering her in a challenge.....sorry Sweet Shop but you should have to have one ugly card some time so I will jump in and take the pressure off anyone who thought they would fill this place.

Any blogs out there for the ugliest card challenges???? I have the grand champion here! lol

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