Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anessa! Just for you!

Since you asked, I will show a few more things I did for Christmas. I have not really done too much since but am hoping to get busy and actually scrap in my grandkids' books. I have not done a single layout in way over a year. Here are a couple picture frames I altered for my son and oldest daughter.

My youngest has always loved monkeys so I knew I had to try to alter this little wooden clock I found at Michael's. Her boys were so excited when they saw it and could hardly wait for her to open it Christmas morning.

I also crocheted her this little fellow that was equally awaited her opening. lol
The only thing I have attempted since Christmas was this birthday card for my oldest grand daughter. She wanted an easel card with a horse on it. These are also some of her favorite colors. I really struggled making this one as I really really wanted to do pink and frilly! lol

Now on to some serious business here. lol After Christmas I found this in the back of my car. The only clue I have as to where it came from is a note written on the top of the box. If anyone has any clue at all as to who got into my car without permission (lol), please let me know. My entire family is stumped as to who did it. At first I "blamed" my children and DH, but they have now convinced me they know just as much as I do. I love it and would love to thank the person responsible! So any and all info would be wonderful! Thanks.
Anyway, I thank you Anessa for missing me and I hope to have more to post real soon. Hugs to you and may God truly bless you and yours.


  1. Great stuff Diana!! Love looking at your goodies. Thanks for sharing. And thanks to Anessa for asking!

  2. Hi Diana. Fantastic work on the frames, I so love them. That crocheted monkey is so adorable, must take a lot of work and a good eye to make something that small. Also love the card. TFS
    Hugs, Rosalee

  3. I'M HERE I'M HERE I'M HERE!!! Had to get that out first!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm having the best time enjoying all this eye candy!! I will be a commenting FOOL here! Mwah!

  4. ok, I need a night to absorb these, I can't get over all the talent in one person WHO DOESN'T LIVE CLOSE ENOUGH TO ME!! I'm in absolute awe. God sure took His time with tweaking your talents just right! ;)