Monday, December 7, 2009

Nathan's Challenge!!!

In case you don't know....I LOVE challenges!!!! lol Well last Thursday I was leaving for a little get away with my two nieces to the Rock House! Now if you do not know what the rock house is......well you should! lol It is a two story historic home in one of our state parks here in Idaho. It is on a small island in the Snake River. My nieces, and who ever else I can convince to come with me, go here to scrap and visit and just have lots of fun. Last year we made our Christmas cards there and decided to meet again this year to make them. This time we were blessed to have two of my great nieces come play with us also and I so enjoyed them all!

Well now to get on with Nathan's challenge. I met my dd and her four sons just before heading to the island. Her 7 year old asked me if he could make up a challenge for us to do. I agreed wondering just what he had in mind. He then handed me a spool of ribbon he wanted us to use. His instructions were:
We had to use some ribbon.
We could not write our names on the front.
I had to take pictures of each one including my own.
I could not let him see my card or tell him which one I made because that would be cheating.
He would choose the card he liked best.
If the card was good enough, and he really liked it, then he might make a prize for the winner.

So, here are the entries! lol One great niece had to work so didn't get to spend the entire time with us and did not get her card made. I would love anyone posting to let me know which may be your favorite one too. Who knows, I just might give a prize to the one with the most comments!


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