Sunday, August 31, 2014

Watermelon Heads

My dear sister made me a basket to sit on my coffee table to hold little albums.  I noticed when my son's children were visiting that one spent quite a bit of time looking at the photo albums I am making for the grandkids.  I thought the kids may all like to look through mini albums when they come to visit.  My friend Lyn gave me the idea to use a basket for display.  This is the first album that has now found a home in the basket.  This is my daughter's two youngest boys.  They were spending the day with us.  we had gone shopping and these two talked me into purchasing them each a small watermelon. (they didn't have to beg me for long lol).  Well, I cut said melons in half and sent them outside to eat and swim and have some fun.  They hadn't been outside long when they started calling for me.  When I went out I found them in the pool wearing their melons!!!  They had managed to clean all the red completely out and then let me know they had washed them really good in the pool before putting them on.  These two always seem to keep me entertained when they are around.

I was going to title it "Melon Heads" when I started the album.  I then decided to see just what a melon head was and quickly decided to add "water"!  lol  My boys are definitely not melon heads!

I chose to make this a tri-shutter mini album when I saw one on You Tube.  I love the way it folds out with so many places to add photos or journal space as well as embellishments.  I did have fun working with the pics for this album.  It is held shut with magnets and the belly band around the center.  

This is the page view when you first open it:

Then with a gentle tug on the sides, the rest of the album unfolds:

It can stand to display if you choose to do so. 

As plain and simple as it is, the boys loved it.  I hope to get many little albums done and fill my basket to the brim!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  God bless each of you.

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