Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My winnings!

I am so excited!  I usually do not enter contests like this and if I do I never win. I thank Bev for showing it to me because I entered a contest at Kathy's Cozies and I won!!!  She made me this awesome garbage bag for my Scrap-Ma-Bob!  I got to choose the fabric for it and believe me she has tons of fabric to choose from.  When I saw the little froggies, I just had to have them.  lol   She makes covers for all kinds of scrapping tools and such.  I can hardly wait to get my little old hands on this but am afraid I might not want to fill it with trash!  lol  Anyway, just wanted to show off my fancy trash bag.   Bev, thank you so much for leading me to Kathy.  She is a real sweetie to do business with.  And very prompt in making you items.  Thanks to Kathy for giving me the opportunity to win!  I am very blessed and I praise God for all He does (even more so when I don't win!)  lol  Hugs to all

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