Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two layouts done!

I have finally finished two layouts instead of just making cards! :-) The first one is my oldest grand child spending a day at the races with us. The other one is my youngest grandchild on his first Halloween. I really hate "spray painting" their faces but my children have all said they do not want their children's faces out on the open net. Although I have to agree I still hate painting their faces! lol

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs to all and may God bless each one.


  1. those are fantastic!! love the colors in the top one, wowsa!! And layouts - wooo hoooo!! Ya, if only it were just that easy to keep our kids' photos off the net - not enough people over the course of 100 years will ever visit my blog enough to cause me to worry, and I'm the worlds largest skeptic!! LOL Besides, people wouldn't keep updated on the family and me without postin some good ol' fashion pictures!!

  2. Great layouts! You know I love your work!